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22 April 2019
Amsterdam, Noord-Holland
Nee, maar ik wil wel graag een of twee maal face-to-face overleggen
Binnen 3 maanden
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Dear Freelancer,

We are a company and we are hoping to develop and app for our student organization. Every summer and winter we organize an introduction week with a minimum of 900 students participating and we have 2000 members. We would like an app that helps us to navigate the students during the introduction week and provide an overview for our students after. Here is the most important information about the App for you to get an overview. Another important point is that we need the App for the Introduction week end of August 2019. We are very excited about this project and ready to get started as soon as we find the right person to execute it.

Front and back end development
New database needs to be created (ideally one that can be merged with out existing data)
We need a back end that is user friendly for us and future committees to operate it
We would like to integrate woocommerce to connect our online store with our app
We would like to develop native and do not have a preference if Android or IOS is done first
We need the app to transition from introduction week use into regular use effortlessly

Most important features:
Event overview (with purchasing option outside of introduction week)
Digital Introduction Guide
Map with integrated events and partners
Possibility to match introduction week groups
Waiting list for sold out events
Push Notifications
Feedback function after events

We held focus group sessions where we learned that:
People will only use the app if it really adds to the website and facebook
See who is going to events
Have their tickets in the app
It has to work right after introduction week so if people already have it they can continue to use it
Chat function is not necessary people prefer Whatsapp
Needs to be easy to use and functional
Good event overview and reminders about how many tickets are left

I hope this helped you to get an idea of what we are hoping to do. We are excited to hear from you and if there are any questions or unclarities I am happy to resolve them!

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