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10 Oktober 2018
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In-house app: Tattoogenda

General specs:
To very limited amount of users (less then 100).
It can not be shown public, only to our own employees.

For Ios, Android (and windows?)
our db already exists, and we input all data through our own CRM system.
The app only has to read out some data and show to the user.
Db is SQL Server.

I guess we can offer this app through our own website, and not through the official stores. Is that possible? There's no need to make it public.
Is it difficult for unexperienced users to install an app from a website (instead of from the store)? The ease of use is prety important.

Background information:
We are a tattoo studio.
We have guestartists, comming from other countries to work in our studio for 2 weeks, for 1 time.
Our studio makes all bookings between clients and artists.
Our db contains a lot of projects.
A project is a tattoo.
A tattoo has attributes like size, color, subject, place on body, ....
One projects can have multiple appointments, 1 tattoo artist, 1 client.
An appointment has a date and starthour and endhour.

The user of the app will be the tattoo artist (guestartist).
So we will ask our future guestartists (who we never met before) to install the app, so they can follow the bookings we are making for them before they even arrive here.
After login they need to see a very simple list of bookings that are made already, in chronological order.

2 pages:

1/ login page
emailadres and pw.
The list of allowed emailadresses are found in our database

2/ data page
-Showing all upcomming appointments for the logged in artist.
Chronological order.
First appointment showing is the one on date of today, or the first one in the future.
Past apointments should not be shown.
On the screen, without scrolling, should all appointments for that day be visible. (Don't make them scroll to see second appointment for this day)
With scrolling: seeing appointments for tomorrow and day after and..
data shown per appointment: date, starttime, customer name & firstname, appointment descr, project title, project descr, position, size, color, cover-up, sourcematerial place, price, deposit received, estimated time, link to attachments, list of other dates (also past dates) for this project.
--> all this data is found in our database, spread over +- 3 different tables.
If that datafield is empty, it should not show in the app.

Nice to have: message at 10h30 in the morning, to the app user, telling him how many appointments he has today, if more then 1. (You know, these messages that come on your front screen of smartphone)

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