My profession is creating landingpages which are converting/ generating leads, professional looking, fast and fully customizable.

I offer:
- Custom made landingpage.
- Optimized for leads/conversions.
- Complete with cms.
- Google analytics triggers.
- Custom call-to-actions.
- Optional with hosting, domain, ssl certificates.

Already have a landingpage but it's not converting? Let me take a look at it, chances are big I can give you tips for improvements.

I have a lot of professional frontend and backend programming knowledge, so custom demands are possible. I'm not your average “Wordpress developer” who installs a theme and just customizes it.

A selection of my projects:
- Build a page with over 60000 customers (2000 visitors a day), custom mail marketing system, safe payment api implementations (also with subscription payments), order delivery api, customer tracking, several integrated third party services.
- Build my own business for landingpages and offering several prebuild themes for clients with a business to choose from or custom made theme, complete with custom cms.

My skills:
- html
- css/sass
- javascript
- jquery
- node.js
- php (laravel framework)
- caching techniques
- rest api's (also building)
- Mysql
- Apache
- caching
- Linux hosting
- ssl certificates
- Directadmin
- sketch/photoshop/indesign/illustrator

Few results of pages I created:
- Landing page with almost 10% selling rate conversion.
- Landing page with 20% conversion signups.
- Landingpage with bouncerate of 40%.

Send me a message, I'll respond within 60 minutes.

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