I am happiest when I have my laptop on my lap working from inspiring places. Whether I am in the office, outside inhaling fresh air or enjoying a cup of coffee in a new found coffee bar. Working for different businesses, meeting new people, trying new experiences all enlighten and brighten my life. It moves me, it teaches me and above all it inspires me for creating new concepts. I had the opportunity to support a start-up early in 2016, which grew into a successful business. My role involved creating and managing web and social media content. I really enjoyed the experience. It made me curious and led me to becoming a full-time entrepreneur and part-time freelancer. It is a true calling to be able to take a small idea and turn it into a meaningful business concept while satisfying customer’s needs. My ultimate goal? Help maximizing life into business’s online presence.

My skills include: content creation, visuals/photography content, reporting, translating, optimising articles, administrative/secretarial needs and data processing.

I look forward working with you.

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