I started learning how to code when i was really young, my first IT skill that i gained was multimedia building, created a my own similar to Encarta Encyclopedia I worked for this project around 2 years after that, finally the internet had a big boom in my country but i was ready, already learned HTML by the age of 14. Started mastering html first with notepad then finally got the money to buy an Alliare Homesite license and i started making websites for people not through a firm but on my own (sometimes guided by the professor that had been guiding me into the IT world ever since i was 11 years old) I wasn't making a lot of websites then because in a relatively poor country as Romania, most people didn't even have a PC at that time or access to the internet. Meanwhile i also learned CSS and started using the Adobe Creative Suite and also CorelDraw and RealDraw and slowly began mastering them. Began using Adobe Dreamweaver for coding/designing a website, Photoshop/Illustrator for creating my designs. After that I discovered CMS, I was fascinated since the release of Wordpress I saw a lot of potential so i started learning about CMS and how they tick, the last few years I mostly used Wordpress for all my websites that i design. I started volunteering for Hospice in my home town, there I followed the Web-Master and Network admin all day long do various tasks that they told me to, and started learning even more tricks in the Adobe Creative Suite such as using InDesign and many others that i stole from the designer there. Ever since I had made more than 30 websites and many logos, banners, ads. Meanwhile I started studying for the Cisco CCNA. I had various jobs as a webdesigner but most of them were projects( that's how most people in my country would hire a webdesigner - after the site was done they let you go). Now i moved to the Netherlands and I am looking for any IT jobs that I might fill.

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