An experienced electronic engineer, with a broad specialisation. I have worked for a variety of companies with innovative, complex projects with many unknown factors. I work together with the companies’ team to transfer their idea to a production-ready product.

My services include
• Simulation or measurement-based feasibility studies
• Research and development of new technologies or new applications
• Prototype design, production and validation testing using my own set of design software, prototyping equipment and test equipment for quick results
• Design for manufacturing (cost optimisation, manufacturability optimisation)
• Assistance in the production process and supply chain management

Example applications I have worked on
• IoT, low power intelligent sensors
• Wearables
• Consumer electronics
• Industrial automation
• Mechatronics, robotics
• Optoelectronics
• Small satellite electronics

Technologies I have experience with
Digital electronics (from microcontrollers to high-speed design), ultra-low-power, energy harvesting, power converters and battery management, motor control, robotics, RF electronics and antenna design, analog signal processing, PCB design (Altium), test equipment (oscilloscope, VNA, spectrum analyser, etc.), mechanical design (Inventor), rapid prototyping and embedded C.

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