I am a creative entrepreneurial marketeer. My career started as a project- / account manager for design- & advertising agencies. 8 years ago, after being loaned to clients twice, I moved on to being an independent marketeer. My experience as a freelance / interim marketeer for many different companies has proven that I am accountable for growth in revenue and branding. As a branding expert I will always make sure propositions and designs are consistent and long-term goals will not lose out of sight.

Next to my marketing activities I am founder and director of Sounds Good Hearing Protection. This started out as an online platform and is grown into a mature business with employees and a large market share. I have handed over the daily direction to my wife who has helped me from the start. This way I can focus on my work as marketing professional.

Due to my experience, I am labelled as a specialist in marketing for ‘slow moving’. I have worked mainly in retail and business to business. ‘Slow moving’ products and services are generally more expensive, have a longer buying process (longer customer journey), more involvement from users and clients and often ask for customized solutions or custom products. It therefore differs from marketing and sales for FMCG brands, which are more convenience or impulsive products.

As a real team player I love to create and innovate with a team. I can take the lead but also be a valuable player. Being a cempetitive marketeer I want to be part of a winning team and stay ahead of the competition. I have a lot of expertise in start-ups and scale-ups and market new products, new concepts or new brands. I have a proven record of contributing to successful launches and start-ups.

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