I am a software swissknife with 20 years of experience in software and 10 years in the market with 40 projects completed so far since 2008. I consider myself a friendly individual always willing to help my customer.

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Focused on scalable software solutions and work deduplication. Able to work independently when setting up weekly meetings with product owner or stakeholders. Able to work in a wide range of roles within IT.

- Translating business requirements to technical requirements
- Defining scalable software architectures and monitoring their execution
- Assist stakeholders with funcional analysis
- Create User flows and journeys
- Create UI prototypes
- Develop modular frontend applications
- Develop backend applications (REST, Websocket, OTP)
- Design data models
- Design Program flows
- Manage a software project (functionally and technically)
- Coordinate teams to reach a specific technical goal
- Assist in the implementation of end to end setups
- Build code generators
- Design microservices (responsibilities and interfaces)
- Design and implement concurrent applications
- Design and implement distributed systems
- Design and implement enterprise frontend application
- Design and implement data visualization applications
- Design and implement infrastructure (Docker, AWS)
- Design and implement CI/CD pipelines
- Design and implement automated online marketing funnels (retargeting, cpc)
- Design and implement SEO strategies

Technologies: Javascript, Typescript, Webpack, Jest, DOM, Web Components, Polymer, Angular, React, HTML, CSS, Erlang, Cowboy, OTP, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Grape, ...

I am able to pickup any library or framework in a reasonable time. Experience building libraries and frameworks. I have an extensive network of talented developers in Netherlands available on demand.

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