I can count 34 assignments I have participated in since 2008. Do you have a project? I love to simplify complex stuff. I don't write spaggetti code. ************

Some companies happy with my work are: Rabobank, Yieldr, Tata Consulting, TechTribe and KLM.

Specialities: frontend development (javascript+html+css), training, building sdks, building a web components library, Angular framework, building documented-restful-http APIs, design all software layers of a large application used by millions of users, project management and productivity. I always think in productivity as a global when I approach any task.

To be honest, you can count with me to:

1. Design new online businesses based on internet technologies
2. Identify efficient online business models and exploit them through technology
3. Design efficient plans of action
4. Design your company's Domain Model (data structure and models)
5. Design complex platforms consumed by web or apps
7. Create UI prototypes
8. Develop your (documented) restfull http API that third parties can use
9. Develop sdks for your API for different platforms
10. Develop responsive FRONTEND applications (SPA & backend rendered)
11. Design and Implement your SEO strategy
12. Design and Implement an efficient development workflow
13. Automatize processes of your organization with technology
14. Improve the efficiency of your business system (your processes) with technology
15. Design your online marketing strategy
16. Launch products through internet

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