Enthusiastic, remote working Customer Relations & Operations Manager available to help with your business CRM, Operations management as well as email marketing automation. I enjoy working within the start-up environment but also work very well with big corporates.

I'm a honest and hard-working team player, with 7 years experience within the digital space. I specialize in project management, (customer) relationship building and product development. I also have experience in digital marketing, strategizing and business development.

I am passionate about efficiently building innovative products and services which help people/entrepreneurs and businesses across Europe, Africa and the world. I love learning new skills and gaining knowledge. I would be interested in various industries such as e-commerce, emerging markets, fintech etc.

In my spare time I enjoy trail running, beach volleyball, reading and socializing with either a cup of coffee or a good glass of wine.

If you need to get work done, I'm the right person to get on board.

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