Don ********** is the founder and CEO of Argent Consulting B.V., a cyber security firm based in the Netherlands. He has a long and distinguished professional record in the IT Security field advising globally operating enterprises as a thought leader, interim-CISO, cyber security strategist and lead architect.

Don is a guest lecturer at the Nyenrode Business University, where he teaches cyber security strategy and management within the Cyber Resilience curriculum.

His articles on the state of affairs in the cyber security sector, covering topics such as digital geopolitics, cyber warfare, privacy and cybercrime, are regularly published both nationally and internationally. He also frequently speaks on public and private conferences as a Subject Matter Expert. Typical examples are Hacker Halted Miami, NATO’s CCDCOE Cyber Conflict Conference in Tallinn (Estonia) and HeliView’s Cyber Security conference in the Netherlands.

In 2011, Don founded the Dutch Cyber Warfare Community, a non-profit networking organization which is dedicated to providing a platform for the Dutch Cyber Warfare industry. It currently consists of 1500+ members from the Dutch military, government and commercial sector. DCWC is the only networking community in the Netherlands centering on topics such as digital warfare, cybercrime and cyber defense.

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