Modern Artisan en Freelancer op het gebied van Grafisch-, Fashion Design en Signpainting.
www .jaapspruitenburg. com | instagram @jaapspruitenburg

Being a dropout from Highschool it is quite a journey to become a Fashion Designer. I don’t remember that I had ambition to work in the fashion industry in my younger years. So being creative and grown up with computers I chose to try my luck at Graphic Lyceum Rotterdam becoming a graphic designer at first.

This means four year education and starting in second year the specialization Fashion&Trends. Third year is for Internships and working at O’Neill Europe the first step into the fashion industry is made, a choice I definitely do not regret.

What I love about the industry is that not a day is the same because trends will always flowing in and out of society. Being able to design and making interesting choices influenced by all kind of factors, but also give it my signature that follows passion for craft, gives me the feeling to exist in this zeitgeist

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