IT Infrastructuur Specialist in Virtualisatie, Storage, Networking & Security
Ontwerp, Inkoop, Implementatie & Beheer van uw IT infrastructuur

Started around the age of 10 with an interest for computers, which gives me over 20 years of IT experience and 13 years of working experience in IT. During those years I came in contact with a lush diversity of systems, software and techniques and saw the IT and the internet develop into what it is today.

Looking into the future, I’ve got a wide variety of interests focusing on the datacenter, the cloud and automation, especially on software-defined and (hyper)converged techniques. Often with VMware at its foundation.

Get in touch?
Interested in what I do or can do for your company? Anything from datacenter design, second opinion, last resort, windows and/or linux, security/capacity/performance consults to the technical aspects (requirements) in procurement and tendering.
Check out my CV or get in touch!

Personal time?
I like to create & play music (I play the drums), currently not in a real band, but I did before in Lost men of Palau and Junkyard Daisy!
And to automate the house with a bunch of Pi's and also to "rebuild" that house in Heerhugowaard, where i live!

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