With 9 years’ of online content writing experience, I specialise in English language SEO copy, product descriptions, proofreading and editing.

After 2.5 years in-house at ASICS as senior copywriter and publisher, I took the plunge to share my knowledge and skills with a larger audience.

My background in journalism and PR gives me the fundamentals to craft newsworthy long copy.

My experience in short copy - campaign, social media, newsletter and PPC -generate leads and customer engagement.

SEO comes naturally to me - as naturally as it should in any piece of online copy. My experience with product writing has taught me the importance of natural, easy-to-read metadata (titles, descriptions and keywords) for the benefit of reads and search engines alike.

Overall, my passion lies in proofreading and editing. I take each review as an opportunity to absorb new information, fish out grammatical, spelling and syntactical errors and re-structure, rather than re-write.

As a member of a large online transcription community, I sharpen my research and English language skills on a daily basis. My already super-keen eye for detail is honed further and I'm continually learning through listening and speed typing.

Through my transcription work I seamless transition between UK and US English spelling, and complete language exams to further educate myself in the craft of copywriting.

My writing covers a range of topics; fashion, sports, office supplies, travel and education, and the technical industry.

Simply put, I believe in uncomplicated, impactful writing. Using words that appeal, allure and relate rather than fluff and bulk.

I am currently a registered ZZP and work as a freelance copywriter.

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