I am a professional C++ developer who loves coding, solving technical problems and creating new software products.

It all started with the love for puzzles and an old book about the Basic language. Then came the joy of making LEDs blink and suddenly I was drawn into the world of bits, bytes and everything around them.

Today as a consultant I help my clients in all aspects of the software development process: starting from requirements discovery and architecture design, through implementation, ending with testing and maintenance. I create full software solutions, improve quality of existing codebases and introduce techniques that boost efficiency. All of that done in a nice, Agile way ;)

I specialize in the (embedded) Linux, real-time applications and machine vision solutions. I also enjoy exploring other areas where the C++ language is used e.g. mobile development or low latency software. Occasionally I go deep down to the hardware (bare-metal C, assembly code) or to a completely different planets called .Net and Android.

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