Blacksheepz Media is a creative production agency that likes to do things differently. In an oversaturated market where consumers are beaten to death with lightning fast commercials and an infinite number of choices, it’s hard to grasp their attention. We are in need of something new that breaks with this unhealthy dynamic. So we resist and innovate until we find something better.

Blacksheepz Media does this by creating cross-media experiences and campaigns that appeals to the imagination of your audience. No corny nonsense or chocolate coated broccoli, but immersive and fun experiences that create happy and loyal customers.

Our experienced team and their talented professional network of designers and coders stand at the core of our vision. Our herd knows its way around the media landscape. In collaboration with advertising companies we make meaningful products and campaigns. Combining creative processes and analytical analyses, we can bridge the digital and physical world. From a simple website to entire platforms, or even interactive installations. Technology is our craft. We won’t settle for anything less than an experience that exceeds all expectations.

Share your challenge with us and together we’ll struggle until we strike gold.

Digital marketing, Content realisation, Online strategy, Websites, Develop­ment, (design) Research, Brand strategy, Concepts, Interaction design, Experiences, Media, Interactive installations, eCommerce, Service design, Experience design, Design thinking, Storytelling


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