Software development & Consultancy.
(specialized in client/server-development on MacOS X/Linux and Windows, iOS and Android development)

Keeping up with the latest technologies, without forgetting the old ones. Using the right tool for the right job results in effective taylor made solutions.

With a wide range of knowledge in IT and a keen eye for design I provide an all-in-one package for software and multimedia solutions.

Specialties: Objective-C/Swift (Mac, iPhone/iPod and iPad), C(++), Node.js, Java (Android), Cappuccino Web Framework, server-client architecture (micro-services). Multiplatform designs (Windows, MacOS, Unix/Linux/FreeBSD, iOS/Android/Windows Phone). Web development (X-HTML and CSS)-standards. Design patterns, GUI Toolkits e.a. wxWidgets, Nokia/Trolltech Qt

- No agencies or independent recruiters please -

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