Developer of product concepts, new or augmented.

My experience includes the whole product life cycle: market research, competitor analysis, requirements elicitation (Volere), designing architecture (OO / UML), architecture analysis (ATAM), verification by prototyping and engineering (C# .NET)

Furthermore I am a creative person who thinks in opportunities and possibilities which is balanced by my pragmatism. Experience with several creative techniques and how to apply them including brainstorming TRIZ, SIT. Written a book (in dutch) for primary school about applying creative techniques.

For me the User Experience, the interaction (including the interface) and the behavior of systems, devices or services are most important aspects of products as these define how the product is experienced by the user. A product can be technically the best but if the user experience is lousy, great chance it will fail.

Last years set up continuous build infrastructures using Git, GitHub and Jenkins.

Last but not least, I am active in the Arduino community for several years, think applications on micro-controllers, sensors, internet of things etc.

Specialties: * Creativity, thinking out of any box, analytic
* Architecture, translating and verification of requirements
* Explaining added value of new concepts in user terms
* Broad technical insight, including computer science, physics and electronics.
* Arduino, Internet of things

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