IdctI is Rudi ******, a passionate engineer with more than 10 years of experience in enterprise IT. He believes that craftsmanship is the best basis for a true high available platform. Rudi always tries to find the best solution for your problem, not driven by technical preference but by what the best fit is for your infrastructure or project.

Over the years Rudi worked with various technologies, from high available Oracle stacks, cloud platforms, CI/CD pipelines to ISP management platforms.

With his broad experience he is able to create a holistic view of the IT landscape, with his analytical skills able to dive deep into problems and resolve them with pragmatic solutions.

Craftsmanship and automation are key to a successful implementation of any IT infrastructure, Rudi has experience with multiple tools to achieve this. With his DevOps attitude and Full Stack knowledge, he is an valuable engineer to have in any team. As lead engineer for multiple customers Rudi has designed, build and led various complex infrastructure projects.

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