Senior Software Consultant with 10 years of full project lifecycle experience
incorporating analysis, Risk reporting, design, development and testing stages of
OLTP, OLAP and Big Data applications in a wide variety of business domains like
Tennet [ Netherlands] , Bank of America, AIB Bank, KBC Bank, Google Dublin
(Electronic Payments), StarHub Singapore (Telecom), Procter and Gamble (Retail) ,
Panasonic (Electronic Manufacturing) and HP (Financial Services).
 Strong Understanding of Big Data, Data Warehouse, Data analysis, Data Modelling,
Data minin , Business Intelligence and Machine Learning concepts. 
 Possess strong ability to quickly adapt to new applications, platforms and languages.
 Experience working on Big Data, Machine Learning, SPARK, SPARKR, PYSPARK,
Spark Streaming, Mllib, HADOOP, HDFS, HIVE, RHIVE, RHADOOP, Nifi,
Kibana, Elasticsearch , Python, R programming, JUPYTER NOTEBOOK, Tableau
reporting tools.

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