Tony ******
C Software Developer

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IT Experience
Tony has been programming in “C” for the last 20 years; most recently
he has been developing on Linux with C/C++. He is an experienced
software designer / developer / analyst / architect / team leader.
He has worked primarily in telecoms, networking , financial and e-payments

Tony has worked on “C” projects in these areas...
• Open Source Event Handling / Eclipse SDK
• Open Source State Machine generation
• E-Payments handling
• Banking / Securities reporting
• Data Migration
• Performance Test Tooling
• Application Monitoring Tooling
• Mobile Network provisioning
• Computer Telephony Interfaces
• TCP/IP network interfaces
• Inter system connectivity
• File Transfer Management

Tony is also experienced these following areas
• Bank’s Payments Systems
• Banking Crypto sub-systems
• Stock Exchange Environments
• Technical Project management
• Team Leading
• Hardware Systems’ management
• HP Nonstop Scripting
• Data & Application Migrations
• Technical Writing
• Network Interface development
• OS system’s Programming
• Computer Operations Team leading

About Tony
He is from the North East of England, but has has lived permanently in
Rotterdam, the Netherlands, for the last 29 years. He is an excellent
communicator, both orally and in writing, is social

Tony is educated to degree level as an Engineer, from Hertfordshire
University, England.

Key Skills
C Developer, IT industry maturity; fast Learner; self-starter;
attention to detail, meets targets; proactive, very strong software
development & testing background; experienced team leader, experienced
technical project manager;good administrator, planner and communicator,
professional technical writer.

Most Recent Positions
Dec 2015 – Jan 2017 Software developer at Ingenico e-payments,
using C, C++, SQL, SVN on Linux systems

Sep 2014 – Nov 2014 Test Analyst on a transition & Transformation
Project, transferring ING’s business infrastructure
to new data centres

Aug 2012 – April 2014 Developer / Performance Tester at Atos Worldline
e-Payments, on Tandem / NonStop Blade Servers

Feb 2007 – July 2011 Technical Applicatie Manager/software designer/
developer/tester for Atos/KPN doing Mobile
Network Provisioning for KPN

(privé projects)
Experimenting with Raspberry PI(s) - (ARM7 – BCN 2837 )
Raspbian/OpenSuse Linux;

• Testing OpenSuse Linux LAMP stack
• using C, C++, C-API, PHP/HTM, Apache2, MySQL.
• Clustering RPIs using MPICH3 messaging on Raspbian
• Setup a Hadoop 2.7.2 data lake across multiple RPis.
• Building RPI hosted SVN server on Raspbian;
• Interfacing to RPIs using WInScp, Putty & Eclipse.
• Developing prototype full-stack application using PHP, MYSQL, Javascript, HTML, CSS

Brushing up on
• Eclipse & Make, Cygwin,
• C++, IOS and Objective-C & Swift;
• Installing & using Windows LAMP stacks Wampserver + Amps
• using WordPress for personal website .

Dec 2015 – Jan 2017 Ingenico e-Payments
Software developer on a Back-office application migration project for
e-payment’s. Worked in a Scrum team, using Jira tracking software.
Developed on Suse Linux, using C, C++, Ingres/SQL, Eclipse, GDB, MAKE,
SVN, Tortoise, WInScp. Putty. Additionally performed maintenance &
data analysis work; code reviewing and documenting existing software.

Oct 2012 / April 2014 ATOS Worldline , Brussels
Software developer / tester. Developed “e-Payments” software and
performance/crypto test tooling. Used Eclipse SDK under Windows, SVN
data repository. The software was written using ’C’ & SQL and was ETK
cross compiled with C89 to run on HP NonStop server hosts. Used Open
Source libraries for event handling and state machine generation. The
development methodology used "test driven" (TDD) development approach.

Feb 2007 – July 2011 ATOS Origin/KPN Mobile
Software designer / developer / tester / technical-application-manager
on Mobile Network provisioning for KPN. Responsible for implementing
hange requests, for architectural investigations, and impact analysis.
Developed test tooling, also developed data streaming utilities,
network response simulator and an application monitoring tool, Code
was written in ’C’, and COBOL, and using SQL and TACL scripting.
The application enterprise infra-struct was predominantly Ericson,
running under TCP/IP.

Mar 2006 / Jul 2006 Euroclear Bank, Brussels
Developer & consultant at Euroclear Bank; Performed SQL DBA activities and performance
testing on their securities application, EUCLID. Programmed and tested Swift message
reporting software (COBOL). Enhanced a web-interface to the EUCLID application ( C and HTML).

Apr 2005 / Feb 2006 Rabobank Effectendienst, Utrecht
Developer & analyst on securities data migration project at Rabobank Nederland Effectendienst
(RNE/RNSS). Developed SQL test scripts, ’C’ software and COBOL tooling utilities for data
comparison and consistency checking. Analysed external data requirements provide by offshore

Feb 2000 / Feb 2001 Interpay (EQUENS), Utrecht
Worked on a cryptographic research project. Developed TCP/IP update and logging servers to
interface NT systems to Tandem/NonStop hosts. Worked on various maintenance and enhancements
projects on in-house message-switching products, designed and programmed X.25/VAP session
driver process. The code was developed in ’C’ & TAL, using SQL and Enscribe database access

Mar 98 / Aug 99 Rabobank / IBV, Utrecht
Developed a TCP/IP API for the CTI voice response interface to Rabo’s main Tele-banking
database system. Developed an infra structure to connect NT and RS6000 systems with
same Tele-banking application. Developed a Connect-Direct based automated file transfer
interface to exchange Swift data files between IBM and NonStop hosts. All software was
developed in ’C’ and used extensive TACL scripting.

Aug 95 / July 97 Rabobank / Teleservices, Best
Technical manager, R&D specialist and software developer on the design/build of the Rabobank’s
Telephone Banking / Call Centre application. Developed a system API to interface with banking
database; programmed the accepting and submitting of telephone payment requests. Upgraded
multithreaded X.25/LAPB communications driver interface. Researched & developed an interface
for using Chipcard readers as ‘secure logon’ tokens. Coding was done in ’C’, TAL and
extensive scripting.

Aug 94 / July 95 VICORP International, Utrecht
Software Designer / Developer for CTI software on various projects for Portugal Telecom,
Energis and in-house projects. Develop multi-threaded communications interfaces, a library
of database access routines, a request scheduling library, memory buffering and queue
management routines. Developed in ’C’.

Tony ******, contact details
C Software Developer
Mob: +**********
email: ************
website: ************
LinkedIn: ************/in/tonyharvey1/

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