With my entrepreneurial spirit, potential management skills, and digital marketing hands-on skills, I would like to work in Digital Marketing to bring out to customers a product or service that they want, in the most innovative way.

I graduated from the bachelor in International Business and Management at Hogeschool van Amsterdam in July 2017. During four years studying at school, I chose to specialise in Marketing because I always got fascinated in Marketing classes by all the different marketing strategies for different types and stages of products and services. Besides, I took part in several marketing-related projects, such as: startups and event organization, which provided me with practical skills, communication skills and teamwork ability. Furthermore, I have obtained hands-on experiences with two internships in sales and marketing. During the first internship, I was in charge of creating sales pitch and distributing newsletter daily. I also analysed daily statistics and delivered weekly reports on partners’ performance. After four months, I increased sales performance of one partner to more than 1000 subscriptions. As for the second internship, I was responsible for conducting research on customers’ behavior, analysing the market and competitors, and assisting on a new promotion plan. After this internship, my recommended marketing plan has been retained for continual development and implementation.

Throughout trainings and team projects, I am aware that a good career starts with the right attitude. Considering myself as an eager-to-learn person, I am always motivated to learn new skills. Witnessing the booming development of technology and digitality in the current time, I have recently completed an online course in Digital Marketing, equipping myself with knowledge and hands-on skills in this field, including Social Media Marketing and Advertising. I also actively expand my network by joining different company’s events, and meetups with working people in Marketing field to learn about companies as well as job entails in different area of Marketing. With my responsibility, commitment and proactiveness, I can be an independent employee, and an enthusiastic team-mate. I try to finish my own tasks on time, as well as to encourage and help the whole group complete the ending goal. Not only would I like to become a leader in the professional field, but I also want to take initiative in my personal development.

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