My name is Ville ********. I am 21 years old freelance copywriter and I come from Finland. I moved to the Netherlands to study Communication at HAN University of Applied Sciences. I am looking for assignments and jobs in content creation, copywriting, text planning and translation in order to challenge myself, develop myself and enhance my skills as a professional.

I am Ville ********, a 20-year-old International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP) Graduate. IBDP is an international high school diploma program with a great global reputation. The language of instruction was English, except for my Finnish literature studies. My Higher Level studies in English and Finnish Language and Literature have given me the first step on the ladder towards a successful career in media and communications.

After IBDP I served in the Finnish Defence Forces (FDF) as a copywriter. My military service was one of a kind – I served in the FDF Shared Services Center, located in the Helsinki Headquarters. For my service I received excellent certificates of completing the service and the management and interaction coaching (DeepLead/FDF) and lots of new skills. I was selected to the special assignment through a national application process, but I was the only copywriter selected out of a group of over 100 other conscripts to serve in special duties. Our four-man group’s biggest projects were:

Letter of reservists website: ************ (not in use anymore).
Cyber training package for conscripts, which was launched in early 2016 for everyone serving FDF.
A cooperation website of Accenture and FDF for Slush (Accenture Digital Innovation Challenge), also not in use anymore.

During the projects, I was responsible for most of the contents and their creation, planning, proofreading and translation into English. For more information about my working experiences, activities and recommendations, check out my LinkedIn profile. References to the projects are available in the attachments of this email.

After my service, I wanted to learn more about copywriting. I emailed over 300 advertisement offices and marketing companies in Finland, and I managed to get a couple of deals for freelancer projects.
One of them was to proofread and modify texts for the website of a construction company. The idea was to make it more appealing and clearer to the reader. The other one, which I am working on now, is a blog series for a Finnish recruitment company about applying for jobs, finding the job of one’s dreams and finding one’s self as a person and also in terms of future career aspirations. I have also worked on a couple of smaller but similar projects.

How can you as a company benefit from my expertise? By hiring me (for projects) you will get a professional with lot of motivation, some fresh positive attitude and fluent skills in Finnish and English. I would like to expand my freelancing business from Finland to the Netherlands, learn more and also share my industry knowledge with you and my clients.

For all of my projects, the customer will get a quality guarantee – if my work is not up to the standards and if there are areas to improve in my work, I will make all changes without additional charges.

Translations of the my certificates are available also in my LinkedIn profile.
For further information, please respond to this message and I will respond to you as soon as I can – which is immediately in my book. I hope to do business with you very soon!

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